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Why has God given His laws? - D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

- R. C. Sproul



Why has God given His laws?

Why has God given His laws? What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments? Did God promulgate them on Mount Sinai simply to provide a subject for discussion in a debating society? Are they simply intellectual matters on which you and I express our opinions? What is the purpose and the object of His statutes? There is only one answer: They are not to be discussed - they are to be kept. They are not even to be applauded - they are to be applied. God does not want our opinion upon His laws. There is no credit to us if we stand against the modern tendency that goes lower and lower and just say, "No, no, the law of God says this and that." That is not what God wants; He wants us to keep these laws. We are to worship Him, and nobody and nothing else: not our country, not our possessions, not our children, not anything - it must be God alone. There are to be no idols. We are not to bow down to any graven image. We are to honor God's day. We must not kill. We must not steal. We must not commit adultery. We are not to discuss these things, we must not do them. God has given His laws and His statutes that they might be kept and lived and practiced. God is to be glorified by our obedience to Him and by our honoring of His holy laws. That was the purpose in giving them.

- D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, excerpt from sermon entitled, "Dead Religion"



There is an old rhyme that serves as something of an antinomian theme song. Its says,

"Freed from the law,
Oh blessed condition;
I can sin all I want,
and still have remission."

Antinomianism literally means "anti-lawism." It denies or downplays the significance of God's law in the life of the believer. It is the opposite of the twin heresy, legalism...

Antinomianism's primary error is confusing justification with sanctification. We are justified by faith alone, apart from works. However, all believers grow in faith by keeping God's holy commands - not to gain God's favor, but out of loving gratitude for the grace already bestowed on them through the work of Christ.

- R. C. Sproul, Essential Truths of the Christian Faith


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